Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Egyptian Tomb at MFA worth seeing

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has extended its Middle Egyptian exhibit until June 2010. In 1915 archaeologists uncovered a shaft leading to an amazing burial site from over 4,000 years ago along the eastern Nile. The exhibit displays rooms of carvings and implements buried for a provincial governor and his wife, to bring them safely to the afterlife.

One of my favorite carvings was of women weaving on a horizontal ground loom. The fiber was flax and the task was shared with one women who spun the fiber, and others who helped control the warp (lengthwise ) and woof (crosswise) threads. According to the exhibit, these techniques are still used by traditional weavers in the Middle East. For more about "Secrets of Tomb 10A" , go to: www.mfa.org


  1. So interesting, Janis. I haven't been to our museum in so long. Have so enjoyed looking at these exhibits with Brent in the past. Soon Danielle will be interested!

  2. Thanks April: Realized how easy it is to get to Boston via bus.... I love looking at your blog-- always am inspired.

    Janis :)